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Join us in helping create opportunities
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It’s not easy for Kiwi Christian creatives
to tell the greatest story of all time

Here’s what we’re doing

Resonate streaming service

Resonate is hosting tens of thousands of Christian documentaries and teaching/preaching material, including weekly messages from more than 200 NZ and AU churches – resonate.org.nz

CRC on Demand

A Netflix-style app stacked with free family-friendly content, along with movies and shows to rent and buy.

Creative community

Creative community, fostering giftings, talents, goals, careers and exposure – through social media, groups, resource libraries, surveys, courses, competitions, showcases, events and workshops.

Media marketplace

We are building a platform where creatives can show, grow and market their work, and find new commissions for audiences hungry for compelling stories about life and Christ

We’ve been helping Christian creators and media consumers for more than 70 years. Now you can too.

Become a cheerleader for creative
Kiwis who are serving the Church

Here’s how to help.

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