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CR Market Recruiter initiative

CR Market is owned by Christian Resources a New Zealand registered charitable trust which has been operating in New Zealand for over 70 years. CR Market is an online market site created to help generate revenue for Christian Resource’s charitable work. Learn about Christian Resources here.

The CR Market Recruiter initiative was created to help Christian Resources expand its seller base on the platform, making the most of our limited resources and ensuring that funds are channeled towards our charitable missions.

The Recruiter’s role is to find good Kiwi businesses, large and small with great products or services to sell on CR Market.
For their efforts, approved Recruiters will receive 2.5% of the sales value of any, and all the sellers they recruit. Our Evergreen payment scheme means that these payments will endure for the duration of the time that those sellers remain active on the website.

If this sounds good to you and you’d like to become a Recruiter for CR Market, tick the box below